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Is there Another Way of Looking At This ?

The following story is fiction and being used to demonstrate a point.
Sarah is a woman who prides herself on being conscious about nutrition and exercise. She goes to great lengths to provide her family with meals and snacks that are nutritious and tasty. One can find lots of fresh vegetables at her dinner table. In fact, there is a fresh salad that is the first thing the family enjoys at the start of every dinner. That is followed by a serving of lean protein such as grilled chicken along with a starch that is whole grain and roasted veggies. The beverage department consists of juice and water. Soda is a four letter word in this home and not to be found even in its diet form. There is an allowance made once a week at this table and that is dessert, of course. Sarah serves some pie and ice cream in moderation every Wednesday evening. She and her family savor these delectable delights and are the highlight of their week. 

It makes Sarah feel better that the family takes a walk after dinn…

In G-d We Trust ?

There was once a rabbi that was talking between mincha and maariv about the importance of prayer and how that enables one to have a relationship with G-d. One of his congregants responded "enough about G-d -- let's start services".
That is not my favorite joke, but it highlights a sobering thought.
As we find ourselves in month of Elul, it is important to reassess our most important priorities. I think something that has got to be on this list is our relationship with G-d. In this case, I am also (although not exclusively) referring to the people that live committed lives as Orthodox Jews. We are so focused on keeping the the mitzvos (which is a wonderful thing), but do we think about who authored these laws and why we are engaged in them ? We have to take a step back and realize how we got to this point. The Creator of the world created Man in order to have a relationship with Him and that we can be recipients of His kindness. The vehicle we have in our lives to have that …

How Can I Find The Love ?

There are many relationships that can come to mind when we think of it being rooted in a foundation of love. There are two people that have strong feelings for each other and will express those feelings in a natural unconditional manner. This can be for a married couple or parent/child relationship. Sometimes this expression of love seems to be going in a one way direction. The parent that wakes up at 3 am feeds her infant is expressing her unconditional love toward her infant, despite being awakened at this hour.
There is another relationship that exists that is rooted in pure unconditional love. Arguably, his love is more intense or powerful than any other that exists. That is the relationship between God and Man. From the time of Adam, God has been there for us enabling us to succeed in his great, green earth. We are told in the TorahYou are Children to Lord your God. He has been there for us allowing us to get on our two feet and helping us get up when we have our nasty falls.