Thursday, August 8, 2013

How Can I Find The Love ?

There are many relationships that can come to mind when we think of it being rooted in a foundation of love. There are two people that have strong feelings for each other and will express those feelings in a natural unconditional manner. This can be for a married couple or parent/child relationship. Sometimes this expression of love seems to be going in a one way direction. The parent that wakes up at 3 am feeds her infant is expressing her unconditional love toward her infant, despite being awakened at this hour.

There is another relationship that exists that is rooted in pure unconditional love. Arguably, his love is more intense or powerful than any other that exists. That is the relationship between God and Man. From the time of Adam, God has been there for us enabling us to succeed in his great, green earth. We are told in the Torah You are Children to Lord your God. He has been there for us allowing us to get on our two feet and helping us get up when we have our nasty falls.

However, like all relationships this one is imperfect. There are times when it gets quite rocky. We grow apart and become distant from one another. We may not feel the love from God and lose our enthusiasm to connect with Him with Torah, prayer and practicing kindness to others.

There is a time when reconciliation is appropriate and no better time to embark on this path than the month of Elul that we find ourselves in. The word Elul in Hebrew is the acronym for “I am for beloved and My beloved is for Me". God is telling us that while we may have drifted apart over the course of the year --- there is no better time to straighten things out. This is obviously easier said than done. This takes time and effort but as with anything meaningful, it is very rewarding and brings inner peace and contentment. This requires us to acknowledge that we have been the recipients of love and figure out how we can demonstrate our love and commitment. For some of us that may be studying Torah, for others that may mean having a few meaningful minutes engaged in prayer. Hopefully, this can get the relationship back on track before Rosh Hashanah which is rapidly approaching us.
 It all starts by asking ourselves -- How Can I Find The Love ?

I wish everyone a meaningful and uplifting Elul.

Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Elul is just like pre season football. Rooting out the problems before the real stuff starts.


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